Learning. Role-play. Outreach. Data. Hiring

Selling will never be the same again.

Ai Powered Role-play, Training & Outreach for Recruiters, Sales Reps and their Leaders.

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Generate more pipeline
Close more deals

Follow-Up with 100% of Leads

With Automated Outreach across Email, LinkedIn and Phone.

Supercharge Sales Skills

With Automated Sales Training, Learning, Assessment + Coaching for recruiters, sales reps and their leaders.

Increase Contact Rates

With our Data Waterfall access multiple data providers on a PAYG basis.

Develop Skills in Hours
(not months or years)

With Ai Role-play , giving your team 100s of avatars to practise until pitch perfect.

Save time with Automated Coaching

Sit back and watch your team grow with Automated Assessment + Coaching on every role play.

Award Winning Sales +
Recruiting Training Programmes

With Customer Empowerment Sales and Recruitment programmes in your own Learning Management System.

The intuitive platform that seamlessly integrates to your CRM

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Practice. Coach. Assessment

Ai Role Play

Practice until pitch perfect. Get 8 months highly coached sales experience in just 10 days

  • 100s of Customer Avatars
  • Tailored Domains & Scenarios
  • Industry Specific Objections.

Learn. Practice. Execute

Automated Sales Training

Develop sales skills rapidly and learn to empower customers to build relationships

  • Learn to close more deals with our proprietary sales philosophy
  • Video lessons delivered by industry experts
  • Self-learning platform, saving time from coaching.

Find. Engage. Automate


Hyper-personalised outreach platform to warm up prospects. All synced with your CRM.

  • Follow-up with 100% of prospects
  • Warm up every customer
  • Identify and adopt what’s working best

The winning formulas from the founders of...

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With a ONE membership, every member of your team has access to our Ai tools, outreach, data, sales training & learning resources at unbeatable prices.