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In 14 days I can tell if someone’s going to cut it or not

How to become a sales expert

Step 1


Select a topic, watch and learn from the video

Step 2


Role-play with Ai customer avatars

Step 3


Instant feedback and coaching to help you improve

Watch your team become
killer sales people, in less than 30 days.

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Replace months of management and
coaching time with limitless automated
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It takes 12-18 months to find out someone can’t sell.

  • Learning takes forever due to low contact rates
  • Confidence erodes quicker than people can learn
  • I dont know who’s actually any good in my team?
  • Management and Coaching time is expensive AND slow to deliver

The single most effective sales training platform, delivering incredible results.

Time to talk?

Life-like interactive customer avatars on tap

Access an endless library of customer avatars with different attitudes, tones, perspective, needs and pains. All waiting to practice (and object!) with your recruiters and sales reps.

See it in action

Save time

Self learn, sit back and enjoy.

The end-to-end training platform. It’s the closed loop for training. Sales leaders can sit back and either review the scores of your team and see who cuts the mustard and who needs to be reviewed.

Start saving time

Complete learning

Automated coaching and feedback

Every sales role-play is scored and automated feedback instantly provided. Your sales reps or recruiters can talk to the avatars to ask for more feedback and ideas on how to improve.

Automate your learning

Powerful leaders

Create a learning competition in 20 seconds.

Create competition within your team, incentivising best practise. Sit back and find out who really rules the roost in your sales team.

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