"Intuitiveness is simplicity that
the customer instinctively

Automation, AI, Video and Data underpin everything our customers love. It underpins our vision for our customers of simplicity, efficiency and growth. Leveraging our experience and the latest tech, we seek new and innovative ways to unlock the full potential of your sales team. So, you can easily close the gap between your top performers and the ones at the bottom.

We’re designing powerful new ways to track, measure and forecast business performance with uncanny accuracy. This gives our users extraordinary new capabilities to gauge, predict, and close sales at a very high level, constantly.

We’ve only just started. Come and join us on this exciting journey.

Values drive our culture

Transparency, honesty, and innovation fuel every decision
we take, daring us to do it differently.

Radical Honesty

Get full visibility on your team’s outreach across email and LinkedIn, adopt what works best and maximise contact rates with access to more and better data.

Customer Obsessed

We are obsessed with building a product and experience that customers love. Our actions focus on solving our customers problems and achieving their goals.

Seek to Understand

We operate in the “truth” in everything we do. Understanding exactly where we are today, gives us the best platform to reach tomorrows destination.

Ruthlessly Plan the Route

The only way we deliver on our vision is by being ruthlessly efficient with how and where we invest our time and resources.

The types of challenges
we address.

Collaborating closely with our customers we get to intimately understand and address the biggest challenges of sales and recruiting teams.